Each Sunday, hundreds of children attend our ICF KIDS celebration at ICF Campus where they receive nutritious food, enjoy activities and games, sing songs and hear stories from the Bible. The growth of this celebration, along with the enthusiasm of the children we see every Sunday, confirms the great need for this ministry in Cambodia.


The ICF KIDS celebration is a safe place where kids feel accepted, loved and have fun.

Through an exciting program, small group time and a closer friendship with one leader, they:
– learn about God the father, Jesus and the Holy Spirit.
– learn about the Christian values.
– learn how to apply faith practically in their daily life.
– can discover their talents and passion.
– understand the importance of basic health prevention and hygienic standards.

Mission statement

We want to awake dreams and hopes for a brighter future and motivate them to use their God-given potential and to be part of a positive change within Cambodia.

Connection with Kids Sponsorship

Besides the regular family visitations in the villages, Kids Church is a great place for our Kids Sponsorship caseworkers to connect with children and get to know them better. Based on this first, very informal assessment, the caseworker might then decide to visit the child’s family in order to evaluate their living situation and possibly offer our support through Kids Sponsorship .

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