What is the goal of ICF Kids Sponsorship?

Through our ICF Kids Celebrations we get in touch with a lot of disadvantaged children. The aim of these sponsorships is to break the cycle of poverty and to enable the kids to have a better future.
Our wish is that every child is able to discover and act out their God-given potential.

What effects does a sponsorship have on the kids and their families?

Many of the kids come out of broken family backgrounds. Through the Sponsorship program we work together with the whole family in a lot of different areas of life. Step by step, the parents learn to take care of their kids. Thanks to the frequent visits of our caseworkers, needs can be realized, analyzed and, if all family members actively join, palliated. Possibilities are the transfer of educational costs, additional nutrition, health care or medical treatment. To promote the kids’ creativity, we organize different events, which we simultaneously use to teach whole villages in sexual and hygienic matters.

What is the difference between the Standard and the Standard Plus package?

In both packages we provide the family access to education and meaningful activities for their kids, as well as basic medical care, clean drinking water and healthy nutrition for the whole family, depending on their most urgent needs. The Standard Plus package additionally enables us to support individual families in special needs or emergency situations (fire, flooding, accidents, etc… ).


Do the children and their families know they are being sponsored?

Yes. Before we include a family into the sponsorship program, our caseworkers explain the principle of sponsorship very carefully. If the parents agree to receive help, we register the children and connect them to a personal sponsor.

How are the children selected for a sponsorship?

Some children we get to know through Kids Church and some kids the caseworkers will get to know during the visitations in the villages. If any needs are recognized that we can help with, the caseworker will visit the family, talk to the parents and introduce them to the Kids Sponsorship. All children in our sponsorship program are in school age and are required to attend school regularly.

Can I choose my sponsored child?

Ordinarily, you can note if you have any preferences in gender or age of the child. We try our best to consider your wishes.

How is it possible that 100% of my donation reaches Cambodia?

Our expat staff in Europe as well as Cambodia are working on a volunteer basis and without any payment to support our Cambodian team in Siem Reap, Cambodia.

Can I visit my sponsored child?

We are pleased about every visit! The reunion with the sponsored child normally is on a Saturday or a Sunday during one of our ICF Celebrations. To make a request to get to know your sponsored child, you can fill out the following form:

Meet your sponsored child.

How can I contact my sponsored child?

It is very exciting for the child to hear from his sponsor abroad. Twice a year, the kid itself writes a letter to his sponsor. When the child receives an encouraging letter of his sponsor in their often bleak everyday life, it truly can have a healing effect. It brings a lot of value and builds up their confidence. Letters should, if possible, be written in English and can be sent to one of the below-mentioned addresses or upload it here:
About me – Letter

ICF Cambodia
089 993 601
P.O. Box 93123
Post Office Siem Reap
855 Siem Reap

ICF Kids Sponsorship
c/o Debbie Ameis
Bodenholzstrasse 45
CH-8340 Hinwil

ICF Kids Sponsorship
c/o Tabea Wieskötter
Am Schiessstand 16
DE-29342 Wienhausen

Can I send a gift to my sponsored child?

A gift is a great way to bring a lot of joy into a family.

Some appropriate ideas of what you could send are coloring books, pens, stickers, hairbands and small puzzles.

The aggregate amount should not exceed $20 and please make sure that the child’s name and ID number are notated on it.
You can send gifts to the following address:

ICF Cambodia
089 993 601
P.O. Box 93123
Post Office Siem Reap
855 Siem Reap

When does a sponsorship end?

As soon as the child graduates from school or finishes school early to go to work, the sponsorship ends. In some cases, the sponsorship will be continued to enable the child a higher education.


What if I am not able to continue my sponsorship?

If there is no possibility anymore for you to support your sponsored child, please contact us on
sponsorship@icf-cambodia.com. Then, we will search for a new sponsor for your sponsored child, so that the child continues to be part of the sponsorship program.

Could my sponsored child lose the sponsorship?

Yes, under rare, special circumstances it is possible. For example, if the family moves to another province or if there is a determined denial of the parents to allow the child to go to school. However, our caseworkers try everything they can to stay in touch with the parents, to cast the vision of education and help them understand how important graduation is for their kid’s future.
If it still happens, the sponsor will be informed and will get the chance to transfer the sponsorship to another child.